You may not be feeling like this is the most wonderful time of the year right now. Guess what? That is okay.

There are a whole host of expectations this time of year. All the rituals surrounding this time of year can leave us feeling drained, discouraged, and keep us feeling small and contracted. Wondering and rehashing… Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?

Or you can scroll through your social media feed and begin comparing yourself and your situation with the smiling captions posted by others. Further berating and sinking into despair.

There are also the nightly news alerts. You can think why bother? Look at all the misery and suffering in the world.

We can also start making the suffering comparison and minimizing our right to feel pain. How can I complain? So many others out there are suffering more than I am.

Please allow yourself the gift of a sliver of kindness and compassion.

You can choose to bring some warmth and understanding within just as you would to a loved one who was struggling.

Sometimes shifting our attention outside of ourselves provides temporary relief from very real pain. Perhaps taking small moments to reconnect with nature, volunteering one hour of your time to others, or attending a spiritual service that renews your spirit. A gentle yoga class can also provide a safe space to be.

You can slowly begin believing that living a life rooted in choices that are deeply connected to your integrity and your character will contribute to making a small difference in the world for the better.

Small incremental changes aligned with our deepest wants and needs can ultimately lead to personal transformation.

This personal transformation will, in the end, support others and bring more kindness and compassion out into the world.

Little bit by little bit; even after the devastation, the manipulation, and the abuse that you have endured, there is space for recovery, a new way, and a new beginning.

Please choose today to bring some kindness and compassion to yourself and remember that you are worthy.

Much love and blessings.


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