Consider that an abusive narcissist thrives on power and control over others to serve his/her needs and wants. The distorted belief system of the abusive narcissist rationalizes and justifies manipulation, lacks individual accountability, lacks personal responsibility, and has no genuine empathy towards others.

Imagine this same abusive narcissist, who has inflicted so much pain for their own personal gain, alone and socially isolated, with limited distractions. Alone. With their thoughts. Without distraction.

We are the inheritors of what we create during this life.

If a narcissist was to be socially isolated:

  • without the distractions of others
  • without the noise and frenzy to blur reality
  • without the complete black and white outer focusing on others and how they can be used, blamed, controlled, or manipulated
  • without the prospect of constant chaos, entertainment, and/or the endless jolts of energy and mayhem

And is:

  • alone with their distorted thoughts and beliefs
  • intensely bored
  • fiercely agitated and vehemently distressed with the slightest prospect of having to “look below the line” or listen closely and deeply to what lies deep inside

If we live by a code of destructive behavior, a long list of manipulations, a complete lack of empathy for others, deceptions and lies, and not an ounce of integrity, the consequences of these actions are severe.

Imagine living your life in such an empty way. Imagine if you had lived such a life. Now imagine being alone with your thoughts.

It sounds like a very unpleasant state of being and is a reminder to us to continue practicing no contact with wisdom and an eye towards self-preservation.

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