About Lisa J Haskins


After the devastation and trauma of a toxic relationship with a narcissistic abuser, we have actually lost a sense of who we are. We feel hopeless, broken, and numb.

As a woman who has experienced this crazy-making during an 18 year marriage to an abusive narcissist, I am here to tell you that you can break free from the toxic thoughts, beliefs, and chronic anxiety that prevent you from trusting yourself and your decisions again.

I am a trauma informed 500-hour Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, a certified Positive Psychology trainer, and a student of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction having completed MBSR Fundamentals Training in Teacher Education. I present workshops on stress and anxiety management, intention and goal setting, and boundary setting with compassion.

I provide consulting and mentoring through my course, Recover and Rediscover, and research-based tips, tools, and strategies to women who are seeking a path to empowerment, wellness, and personal growth after a toxic relationship with an abusive narcissist.

There is a science and a proven path to well-being that can support and guide victims of abuse out of the darkness and out of the fog.

I strongly believe that living a life that is rooted in choices deeply connected to our integrity and our one true self is possible. I believe that making small incremental changes aligned with our deepest wants and needs can lead to personal transformation. All of this is possible. One small step at a time.

You can relearn how to empower yourself again.  You can reclaim your precious life. If you have the desire to move forward and into your life again, with a deep trust in yourself and your decisions, I am here to tell you that trust, empowerment, and peace are possible. You are not alone in your journey to healing.