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The Losses and The Grief

The Losses and The Grief

Acknowledging the grief, the losses, and the whole truth of the devastation after a toxic entanglement with an abusive narcissist is a critical piece to realigning the inner compass that is there to guide and protect. Teasing apart the “shoulds”, the imagined futures,...

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The Symptoms of Trauma After the Abuse

The Symptoms of Trauma After the Abuse

Imagine the impact of predatory unpredictability, manipulation, and control on the mind and the body of the victim. Every word and action of the victim is twisted, contorted and turned on its head to torture and terrorize the victim. Punishment waits around every...

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Why Do I Still Dream About Him?

Why Do I Still Dream About Him?

Many, many of the survivors in our community have asked me questions about the nightmares, the dreams, the visions that persist. These are the nightmares, visions, and dreams that continue despite the passage of time and despite the distance that has been created with...

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Meet Lisa J. Haskins

As a woman who has experienced this crazy-making, I am here to tell you that you can break free from the toxic thoughts, beliefs, and chronic anxiety that prevent you from trusting yourself and your decisions again.

I provide consulting, mentoring through my course, Recover and Rediscover, and research-based tips, tools, and strategies to women who are seeking a path to empowerment, wellness, and personal growth after a toxic relationship with an abusive narcissist.

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Recover and Rediscover Healing Course Link

Lisa Haskins is an outstanding teacher and guide. Having survived a toxic relationship, she had the courage and inner strength to open to her own pain and suffering and transform it into wisdom and compassion.

She teaches from… (read more)

Hugh Byrne, PhD
Senior teacher, Insight Meditation Community of Washington
Cofounder, Mindfulness Training Institute of Washington
Author, The Here And Now Habit

Lisa is a gifted teacher and healer who transforms the lives of women who are recovering from a toxic relationship.  As a psychotherapist, I often meet new clients who have been abandoned by a narcissistic ex or who have had no choice but to leave one.  As I sit with them and hear their harrowing stories, I know they will heal best if they can connect with someone who has been right where they are… (read more)

Kaylee Murphy


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